Friday, October 19, 2018

Neal Schon Fan Appreciation - Visit and Subscribe

Hello Friends,

I've launched my YouTube Channel, and I've added a fan appreciation section to showcase YOU!

Subscribers will be able to submit videos for the fan appreciation section of my YouTube channel, each month the fan video with the most likes, shares, and view minutes will win a special autographed prize selected by Team Schon! Or you can just kick back and enjoy my latest videos.

So if you sing, play guitar, (air guitar included), lip sync,, or just want to talk about what our music means to you all you need to do is record your video in MP4 or MOV format and email it to! We will load and display your video once approved in the fan appreciation section. This will be done for November, December, and January, but you can start submitting now for November now.

All submissions will go through an approval and review process prior to posting and may be edited or unpublished.

Keep on Rocking - Neal

We have received numerous submissions using YouTube links after our initial October post - please make sure to submit your video in MP4 or MOV format. YouTube links cannot not be accepted.

For Larger files use Dropbox or Google Drive and share the link 
Please make sure to submit your original content 
Do not submit YouTube links or copy-written material


  1. Thank you for doing this. It means so much to the fans. You have so many projects in the works. Congratulations on all of them. Many blessings to you and Michaele!

  2. Thanks Neal, So Excited for future Endeavors!...Good Luck to you!

  3. Very cool, Neal. As a fan, I appreciate your ongoing outreach and response to this community. It's great to know that love and respect are reciprocated between an artist and his fan base, as corny as that may sound. I figured by now you and your wife would be kicking back in a Hawaiian mansion after the grueling (and sometimes controversial) Journey/Leppard tour. Finally, thanks for waving at me in Albuquerque during the show. Yep, the guy about 30 rows back from stage left. Cheers, mate!

  4. Incredible Way to Go Neil! You are So Connected to Us Fans it's So Incredible to be able to have interactions with Such An Amazing Incredible Man and Guitar Hero! You Deserve So Much Acclaim For Your Unbelievable Career! You have made me one of Your Biggest Fans Very Happy! Thank You For All You Do! Best Wishes Always to You and Your Beautiful Wife and Family!

  5. That's a beautiful thing! Much love to the both of you.

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