Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Steve Perry Interview on Fox and Friends


  1. I like Steve Perry's new album. At least he gave Neal due respect. I don't like Fox News, though.

    1. Ditto! Love Steve Perry although I only recently tuned into Journey. But I am a super fan of Steve Perry. Steve is amazing and has an R & B background that intrigues me. I don't like fox news either.

  2. Im glad he said what he said he gave neal the due respect.

  3. Layed my morning we all love Steve and love his new album

  4. I listened to the entire album, “Traces”.
    Steve Perry still has his chops. Dynamite voice.
    Unfortunately, he has very weak accompaniment on the album. Though, the musicians are talented they are asked to support someone they cannot. Steve is way ahead of them. But, I might add... very ambitious. The vocal abilities of his band mates are sub par. 1, 2, 3 or even 4 part harmonies are non existent. Journey, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain. Ross Valory & now, Steve Smith are the ultimate total package ��. Example...When You Love A Woman, classic. Vocals are as important as the instruments. On another point, the musicians supporting Steve Perry on the new album. The guitar work is okay, at best. Though, skillful in his own way. There lacks a creativity, no capturing lead breaks...to compliment Steve’s vocals. The drummer is a great time keeper. Getting 5 guys together is one thing. But, getting 5 guys together and playing as one...is a whole other ball game. Chemistry.
    Steve Perry, Kudos. You have the goods but, you need a solid band behind you. For The Love Of Strange Medicine - better band on the album. Like that...music matters. Passionate, animated, bringing it to the table. Everyone has to bring something good. A few things. Until then, we will always enjoy your voice. A perfect fit would with Neal and the boys but, I know there are complications. Just remember this, Hubris is the downfall of many great men. Food for thought...for you and Journey, still she rides ! But, the ride can be better. If you guys know what I mean. In life, we have to make those difficult decisions. It’s nothing personal. It’s for the team . That’s what separates us.
    Boom �� Bill Sonny Robinson

  5. Hi Neal- lover of both Journey, Schon and Perry. Ignore the bull shit of Rolling stone and idiots on social media. I truly believe as a suporter of your friendship with Steve Perry that your time to connect will happen. Just how you lucked out with lady love. It’s so easy to be confused by the noise online. I hear it in his new music- there are so many messages for his lost loves, lost friendships , lost family. Grieving is tough. As fans we look forward to what you all pursue. And realize how complex love and family can be. But just wanted to say print media and random people online want there to be a controversy where these just isn’t. Love to you and your family. Joseph Kosinski

  6. Thank you for sharing this Neal


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