Saturday, April 6, 2019


April 2, 2019 - Upon filing suit against LIVE NATION ENTERTAINMENT, INC. and LIVE NATION WORLDWIDE, INC., as the result of a violent assault, JOURNEY founder and lead guitarist NEAL SCHON'S wife is now facing disturbing death threats. The couple made the difficult decision to go public after TMZ broke the story. 

 "If this is not all bad enough, we’re receiving death threats." - Neal Schon 

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  1. As if having to commit to this suit isn't bad enough to deal with, now, death threats are an atrocious act from people that don't know the full story, and frankly, just haters looking for the next story! Neal, I know that you and Michaele are lovers of life and enjoy passing that onto true fans through your talents, so to all of you people that live through their 'cups half empty', find a life of your own!


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