Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Ernie Ball: String Theory featuring Neal Schon of Journey


"We never thought about the recording process, of how we were going to cut it with drums and bass, then add this later. We just went in and played live. That's what 'Escape' is and pretty much all of our records." In this episode, Neal Schon, lead guitarist of Journey discusses his history with guitar and early influences, Journey's unique writing process, and how his natural abilities led him humbly through his career. String Theory is a web series from Ernie Ball that explores the sonic origins of some of music's most innovative players. Neal Schon relies on Ernie Ball Super Slinky guitar strings. You can find them here: https://ernieb.al/SuperSlinky Watch additional episodes of Ernie Ball: String Theory here: http://ernieb.al/1QtdTx9 #ErnieBall #StringTheory #Journey

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  1. Hello Neal, I've been a Journey fan and your fan since the 80's.
    I am 53 years old, I live in a litão city in the interior of Brazil, I play guitar and bass but I am not a professional. Your songs are true inspiration in my life.
    Almost impossible to mention a single Journey song that I am passionate about ... Maybe less difficult is to mention Escape, Frontiers, Raised on Radio and Revelation as my favorite albums ... difficult some music from these albums that has not touched me at a deeper level. ... 'Separte Ways', for example, was one of the ones that most inspired me to play the guitar; 'I'll Be Alright Without You' is just perfect in all aspects, harmony, melody, lyrics, your solo from the end shivers me every time. 'After all these years' is one of the most beautiful declarations of love I've ever heard in music ...
    His solo albums are wonderful too, 'Beyond the Thunder' is a delight to hear.
    I could spend days commenting on so many other sensational songs that you gave us. Thanking you for all the songs you created would be little.
    I only had one opportunity to watch a Journey show live (in the city of São Paulo, a few years ago) and I cried with emotion for almost the entire show.

    I imagine that you should receive hundreds of this type of message every week, including asking to rate your own songs. Because of that, I was very reluctant to write this message because I know that I will be just one more but I ended up giving in to temptation.

    I don't expect an answer and I know that the production of this song and this clip is quite amateur - more was what I was able to do and I'm only sending it because it has a much more than special meaning. I composed this song using the text I wrote for my wedding ... and seeing the pictures of your relationship with your wife reminds me of my own feelings and experiences.

    It would be an unimaginable achievement if, by chance, you like the song to the point of - who knows, one day - rule it with the Journey ... well, dreaming costs nothing ...

    The song is called Saved Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O8FjfEwzWg


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